Ziryab *

Your singing glitters in the light

in the calm waves of the sea

your singing moves the natural drought

and the treetops of San Jose

With your voice

the tired birds will wake up

and the chicks are livestocked

Come from Cordoba from history

take part in your Kurdish dance

do a Botanical dance

sing a love-song for young and old

so that the distant rain

will visit this town

show the environment

as the wind dances with us

when it hears your melody

Come meet your relatives

here in Andalusia

San Jose, 9.10.2016


  • Ziryab (789 – 857) was a singer, musician, poet. He was born in Kurdistan (Cizira) according to Kurdish and Persian sources, then he lived in Iraq, North Africa and his last abode was Andalusia (Cordoba). In the 9th century Ziryab is considered to be the key figure of Andalusian music and culture.



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